Pomato happens to be a crossbreed of tomato and potato. It’s a little fruit like tomato, having whiten flesh, eatable whichever uncooked or even cooked properly.

Pomato shrub generates tomato vegetables on very top plus potatoes undercover.

How exactly to cultivate the Pomato shrub

pomato1) Pick plants of Potato and also Tomato having equivalent length.

2) Put both vegetation adjacent in order that their stalks can contact effortlessly.

3) Carefully eliminate a splinter of this stalk of the potato shrub by making use of thinner razor-sharp blade.

4) Select a location along the tomato stalk that suits the length of this slice on the plant of potato.

5) Put this vegetation within an location of sunlight.

6) Observe the brand new development on the roof of this tomato.

7) Permit this vegetable to develop till you once more witness robust development in the tomato shrub. This ought to consume a couple of weeks.

8) Let this plant to develop for just two or perhaps 3 weeks to check out robust growing in the tomato shrub

9) Take out the base part of the tomato shrub.

10) Enfold the shrub inside a transparent synthetic handbag to sustain dampness. Immediately after a couple of days, take away the plastic material.

11) As soon as the plastic material is taken away, watch out for indications of newer thrive. As soon as the shrub displays lavish green leaves, take off the grafting strip. At this point this Pomato shrub was made adequately.

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