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Tastefully Grown Produce  

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     Sharing the Harvest   

~  Our family farm produces a wide variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs selected for their premium flavors and grown the good old-fashioned way.

~  Members subscribe to the farm and receive a weekly share of the harvest with an option for free-range chicken eggs.

~  A weekly email newsletter, seasonal farm parties, and U-pick days help connect members to the farm, their farmers, and their food. 

  Know who Grows Your Food    

We grow food the good old-fashioned way, without the use of synthetic fertilizers or herbicides and pesticides.  If you have questions about our growing practices, see Farm History and Growing Practices, email us at flavor@huasnavalleyfarm.com or  call us at 805-473-3827. In Early June we invite anyone interested to attend a farm tour/picnic day to meet us and see for themselves exactly how their food is grown.  There is no better certification than your own eyes and ears.

Updated 2/15/09